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Yeah! Its snowing at Daejin University!!!.. – Day 2

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Assalamualaikum.. wahh.. bertapa bertuahnya kami dapat main salji.. haha.. best best.. tak sesejuk kena angin.. Wind is more cold than snow..

Semua peserta Korea Cultural Camp excited bila salji mula turun.. We are supposedly in class, but then when all are looked out the window (again and again), and class become speed up .. hahaha.. and finally, class finished early…. hohoho..


Our teacher, Ms. Lee Jae Won (most pretty teacher)

All are running to the ground floor and shout “ yeaahhhh!!,, it is snowwwww.. now snowingggg!!!”.. some of them started to make snow ball and threw to others.. I has recorded some of the videos of their super excited impression..haha. I just laugh looked at them.. “excited man!!!! what can you say???”… hoho … the video will be uploaded soon.. wait ya.. hohoh..

We also made a snow man.. I just touched up a little bit, because my hand was freezing..Ms.Y , Mei Shin and other friends are works hard to make it and finished it..some of them just disturb them..  hahah.. but ” finally, it’s become a snow man..” yeahh..finally.. hahahaah.. that’s a snow man dude! even though the body was connected to the land.. hahaha…


These are some pictures.. super great moment in my life.. First time playing with snow..

Dapatkan kain pasang Daun Anzalna yang superb cantik sementara stok masih ada.. Gile ramai masuk order! Cepat!..

Koleksi Ariani Lebaran 2016



Snow man’s makers.. hahaha..!!


It’s me!!! Ms.iR!!

after all…we go back to our room.. hahha..  freezing dude.. Can’s stand anymore.. hand freezing, mouth freezing… I can’t speak well.. and my face turned to red!!.. hahaha….

Until then.. see ya!!


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